RB Designs Ltd have been providing civil engineering expertise on many high profile projects for the past 30 years. We offer a full range of civil engineering services from advice to design work and project management.

Example Projects

RB Designs Ltd’s involvement with Civil Engineering work includes infrastructure design work for products used on the National Rail network including Stratford and Ebbsfleet and many other stations nationwide.

Infrastructure design work – National Rail network

All photos used with kind permission of Macemain and Amstad Ltd

Cantilever canopy and stainless steel and glass shelter

These photos show a typical cantilever canopy and a small stainless steel and glass shelter, both for use on the Rail Network.

A typical cantilever canopy for use on the Rail NetworkStratford

Shelters at Ebbsfleet

These photos show a small shelter close to a high speed rail network and a much larger shelter at the same site.

Small shelter at EbbsfleetSmall shelter at Ebbsfleet

RB Designs Ltd have undertaken work for walkways and shelters at bus termini including the Rotunda and Linear Walkways at Bluewater and covered walkways at National Airports such as Heathrow, Manchester and Dublin. RB Designs Ltd has also had involvement in design work for products used at military establishments nationwide and sun shade and rain shelters for use in Hong Kong.

Bluewater Rotunda and Linear Walkways

Bluewater Rotunda

The circular structure is steel framed introducing torsional and deflection problems. The site also had piled foundations provided by others and only three piles were available for this structure.
Bluewater rotundaBluewater rotunda

Bluewater Shelters/Walkways

Both open and closed shelters/walkways were designed for use in Bluewater’s bus termini.
Bluewater walkwayBluewater walkway civil engineering

Other works include access roads and drainage and repair/renovation of access bridge structures and culverts.


The two photographs indicate a small arch bridge in a quiet residential area that had been seriously damaged resulting in the need to underpin and rebuild/repair and the need to ‘overpump’ the stream during the works.

Bridge repairBridge rebuild

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