RB Designs Ltd have been carrying out building surveys, undertaking structural surveys and advising in relation to structural repairs of all forms of structures including listed buildings and ancient monuments for more than 30 years. Building surveys are particularly useful for older and listed buildings or properties that you plan to renovate or alter. If you want to find out information about the existence of major and minor defects and the possible consequences of such defects, RB Designs Ltd can provide you with a comprehensive survey including the possible cost of repair work.

Example building surveys

Interesting projects completed to date include:

  • repairs to Epsom College dormitory following extensive fire damage;
  • timber repairs and support of chimney at Goudhurst Manor;
  • structural repairs and maintenance at Carew Manor.

Advice on Structural Damage and Insurance Claims

RB Designs Ltd can advise in relation to structural damage and potential for insurance claims. This includes the determination of cause/defect and advice on potential remedies.

Example surveys

The following photos show a building that was assessed for damage and structural repairs following fire damage.

Building assessed for damage and structural repairsBuilding assessed for damage and structural repairs

These photos indicate temporary propping to an existing structure following structural assessment. The structure was eventually demolished following an insurance claim – the temporary measure ensured continued use whilst negotiations with other interested parties ensued.

Building with temporary proppingBuilding with temporary propping

Building surveys resulted in temporary proppingBuilding survey resulted in temporary propping

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