New and existing structures

RB Designs Ltd provide a design and detailing service for all projects ranging from simple beams to complex structures in a variety of structural materials including steel, concrete, timber frame and more. RB Designs Ltd provide full structural engineering services for new builds, renovation projects and extensions including for example loft conversions.

Specialist Foundations

RB Designs Ltd’s structural engineering services also undertake the design of specialist foundations including piles and ground beams, piled rafts, pad and beam, composite stiff rafts, basements and more.

Structural Engineering

All structural engineering work is undertaken or overseen by Cliff Watkins who is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers.

Environmentally Friendly Offices

The front and rear elevations of the new environmentally friendly offices for gml Construction Ltd. The construction is part single storey and part two storey and a combination of timber and steel framing.
Front elevation of new environmentally friendly officesRear elevation of new environmentally friendly offices

The first of the following photos shows the connection of glued laminated rafters to timber columns whilst the second shows the upper end of the rafter connection to internal steel column. The third photo indicates the column base connection to foundation.
Glued laminated rafters connected to timber columnsUpper end of rafter connection to internal steel column    Column base connection to foundations

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